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 Introduction – Marcy Home Gym The Best Smith Machine

Home gyms are pretty popular nowadays, especially for those who want to work out without leaving their home. If you are planning to have the best smith machine in home gym, it is better to get one which is durable, reliable, made of high quality parts. Last but not least, the smith machine meet your expectation and your workout needs. Here are some tips to help you to get started.
1. Determine your fitness goals.
2. Allocate a proper location for the equipment.
3. Create an environment that suits a workout feel. (I bet you do not want to workout in an environment that feels like a jungle. LOL)


Product Description – Marcy Diamond Elite System


The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System features ultra smooth linear bearings combined with machined steel guide rods that assure a super smooth movement. The 2" x 2 3/4" heavy duty tubular steel frame features a 7-degree slant designed to accommodate the natural upper and lower body movements. Other key features include: Durable Powder coated finish. 3 3/4" nylon pulleys with sealed ball bearings. 2000 lbs tensile strength aircraft cable. Commercial grade pop pins adjustment. Chrome striker plates and commercial grade bar and safety catches. 6 Olympic plate storage pegs. Full complement of accessories. The unit includes a quality multi-function bench with preacher curl and leg developer. Get the most out of your workout with the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System.


Product Details

Product Dimensions: 95 x 79 x 86 inches ; 430 pounds
Shipping Weight: 437 pounds


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Product In Action

Marcy Home Gym Linear Bearing Marcy Home Gym In Action Marcy Diamond Elite Smith

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Product Review (PROS) – Marcy Home Gym

This Gym able to do EVERY major exercise you have in mind, that is why others says this is the best smith machine in the market. I was a member of a local gym of mine, I have checked with my exercise routine and this system has it all! You name it, this system has it. I guess you can do 100s of different exercises with this system.  The second thing I want to appraise is the size of this gym. This is not as big as I expected. In fact, this is much smaller that I expect, and I have lots more space in my home gym to put other stuffs. Another point I want to bring out is this ‘baby’ comes with a bell and whistle, I guess not many in the market have this isn’t it?


Can This Be Qualify As The Best Smith Machine?

After trying out, the 3 rails flows smoothly. Unlike any other brand that you might feel sticking or catching on the cable system. On the construction side, I’d say the manufacturer built this for military? LOL. The whole construction uses a lot of plates and bracket. I can’t stress more how great this product is. 

Before I conclude the positive review, I need to say the assembly instruction is easy to understand. It is recommended to have more than 2 person for the installation. I can do this all by my own.


The benefits of a smith machine can be found in the wikipedia as well.


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Product Review (CONS) – Marcy Home Gym – Best Smith Machine

One of the common complain on this product is you need to purchase additional olympic weight. I’d say this is not a cons after all, since most of the home gym out there require you to do so. Another common complain that I heard is the 1 or 2 items on the assembly direction which really confusing  tho I found it easy to understand . Perhaps for a not so technical guy will take time to understand what the drawing is all about. No worry on this, just give the supplier a call and there are more than happy to help you with this. These are the disadvantage for this product.


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So would I recommend this product to my readers? Is the the best smith machine?

Definitely a YES! from me. 

Concluded as the Best Smith Machine

There are a lot of positive feedbacks on this product. It seems that this is one of the highest quality home gyms among its class. 

Currently I know of a place which is doing an offer up to a whopping 50% off the normal retail price. 


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